What’s Better Than Strawberries & Cream?

✓Low-carb ✓Gluten-free ✓Nut free ✓Ketogenic ✘Lactose-free

Answer: Cream and Strawberries of course!

It’s simply a matter of where you put the emphasis. Long gone are the days when I saw cream as a dangerous and indulgent addition to virtuous and healthy strawberries. No, No. Fewer strawbs and more cream – that’s the order of the day.

The picture above is a typical desert in my house. It’s true, the strawberries are staggeringly good, home-grown delights, picked at the moment of perfection and have never even sniffed the inside of a refrigerator (strawberries should be eaten fresh and sun-warmed, never chilled don’tcha know!), but they are playing second fiddle nutritionally and gastronomically, to the cream: Cornish clotted cream. 60% fat. The real deal. A large desert spoon full. Or two. Now you’re talking. Ambrosia – the food of the Gods.

Amazingly, it’s ketogenic, thanks to the clotted cream. With a ketogenic ratio (fats:carbs+protein) of 4.8 it will help keep you in ketosis. What’s not to like!

Clotted Cream & Strawberries (per person)

4 large strawberries, chopped
65 g Cornish clotted cream

Macronutrients, per person
P: 1g  C: 7g  F: 39g  Ketogenic Ratio: 4.8

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One comment

  1. This is music to my ears/eyes..I dont drink milk very often now but I agree with full fat everything and possibly raw milk at that. Many people harp on about fat and calories – the con of the century.
    Nice one Afifah.
    Stewart ‘stroke victor’ Cormack


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