Aseem Malhotra and friends at the EU, making some heads explode!


  1. Funny, I saw that link on a Mercola comment earlier and thought of sending it to you. Well spotted as usual! It must be ruffling a few pompous feathers. BTW PQQ (Mercola today) is very useful for someone like me with CFS/M.E. but I found it too powerful in 10mg and stopped after a while fro lack of good research. I will try again and split the dosage into some refill capsules I think. Take care


    1. Thanks for thinking of me Brian. Yes, Malhotra is giving it a good deal of welly, and I say ‘good job’!
      Feel free to buzz other things over to me.
      Let me know how you get on with that smaller dose of PQQ.
      Best wishes – Afifah


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