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10 Tips for Plant-Free and Carnivore Diets - Lots of tasty ideas for making the most of meat, fish, dairy and eggs. Perfect for #worldcarnivoremonth, and anyone on a plant-free, low-carb or keto diet.
Gluten-Free Steak and Kidney Pudding - A traditional English dish: rich meaty filling, wrapped in a steamed (gluten-free) suet pastry. Wonderful!
Roast Leg of English Mutton - Mutton is often thought of as being a tough, second-rate meat, but nothing should be further from the truth. When cooked long and slow it is a rich, melt-in-the-mouth meat with a superb flavour. The secret is to prepare it well and give it time to slowly reveal its wonders.
Cold Buffet: Ideal for Complex Dietary Needs - Here are some ideas for managing a celebration when you have guests with different dietary needs. It’s a great option for any event, summer or
Keto-cheesecake tips and tricks - Low-carb and ketogenic cheesecakes are easy and fun to make. With a few helpful pointers you can start to make up your own recipes and create something wonderful.
How to make your own beef jerky - The original camp-fire and hiking food. Beef Jerky is a dried meat snack with a tangy taste and chewy texture.
Baked Egg Custard for Carnivores - All of the ingredients in this dish are of animal origin; No vanilla, sugar, nutmeg. Which might make you wonder what the topping is...
Gluten-Free Green Pea Pasta – Review ★★★★☆ - A single ingredient free-from pasta that exceeded our expectations. A useful addition to a grain-free diet and pretty low-carb to boot.
Grain-free bacon and maple syrup pancakes - Breakfast in America? Here's my grain-free low-carb version of the famous salty-sweet pancake combo. Its basically eggs and bacon with a twist. Delicious.
Two seafood products – review ★★★☆☆ - We take a look at a couple of interesting products currently on the shelves: Salmon Jerky and Seaweed Thins. Suitable for gluten-free diets these snacks look promising, but will they cut the mustard in our demanding taste tests?
Duck, Lamb and Pork Terrine - A lush terrine made with lamb's liver, buck breast and pork mince, then wrapped in bacon = marbled slices of mouth-watering loveliness.
Rustic Cold Smoked Salami – review ★★★★☆ - I thought I knew what salami was. I thought I'd eaten real salami. Oh how wrong I was!
Opal apples (review) – a GMO beating UK grown variety ★★★★★ - A mini review of a fascinating UK grown winter apple variety which is delicious, versatile and naturally resistant to browning - with an interesting back story too!
Gluten-free Yorkshire puddings - Can you believe your eyes? Gorgeous golden Yorkies without a grain in sight! These little babies were made with eggs and arrowroot. Here's how...
Home-grown ratatouille - Whether you grow your own ingredients or not (we did), this is a must-try summer dish: a vibrant, garlicky stew of mediterranean vegetables dripping with extra virgin olive oil.
Giant Puff Ball with Garlic and Rosemary - Giant Puff Balls have been spotted in the wild. We caught one and cooked it in true hunter gatherer style. Here's how...
Oxtail Caserole, country style - A simple but classic dish making use of some of those 'odd bits' that make nose to tail eating so easy.
My Grain-Free Christmas Dinner - Our traditional Christmas dinner worked exceptionally well this year, and included roast turkey with all the trimmings.
Grain-Free Christmas Pudding - It's the traditional pud gone paleo. Soaked fruit, almonds and honey make this rich Christmas bomb go with a bang.
Keto Bounty Bars - Coconut filled chocolate sweet-meats that are suitable for ketogenic diets.
Orange & almond cake - This delicious sponge is light, moist and very tasty, made with whole whizzed boiled oranges. Citrus pizzazz!
Stuffed (Farmed) Sea Bass - A delicious baked dish using wholesome ingredients that bring out the best in this fish.
Spiced-up nuts, four ways to make your own super-snacks - Four ideas to jazz up your nuts: Cashews with lemon and black pepper, Tamari 5-spiced mixed nuts, Curried macadamias & Balsamic pecans
Curly kale crisps - Kale. Yes. I know. It's got a little halo, but it's... well, dull. DON'T DESPAIR! This recipe actually makes it worth eating.
Lamb shanks with celeriac mash - One of the best cuts of lamb. A dramatic, succulent centrepiece for an English roast dinner.
Cinnamon coconut macaroons - These little tea-time cakes have a lovely crumbly texture. Grain-free and low in carbs. Who wouldn't like them?
Real mince meat pies - The real deal. An update on the traditional 17th century minced pie, with real minced beef (!) in a chestnut and almond shortbread case.
Right Royal Rashers – we rate the best bacon buys ★★★★★ - We review and compare three of the best supermarket bacon buys: Pancetta, Air dried or Organic. Which will get five stars?
Rewilded Knepp bavette steak with leak, onion and fries - Not just any old bavette steak, but Knepp's finest free-living rewilded pasture-fed longhorn steaks. PLUS video of the Knepp cattle.
Grain-free ‘breaded’ cod with parsley sauce - A quick, easy & presentable recipe. A good alternative to battered or breaded fish.
Ray Wings with Sauteed Summer Vegetables - A lovely fish with a delicate flavour - easy to cook and easy to eat. A light treat for summer with a medley of vegetables.
Summer Berry Jellies - Easy to make and classy - low sugar versions of traditional English deserts, including fruit and cream jellies and blancmanges.
10 low-carb breakfast ideas - A bunch of brekkies to get you going that will banish the munchies 'til lunchies... :-)
Baked lemon cheese cake - A versatile low-carb baked cheesecake recipe with a grain-free base.
Keto bread - WOW! A grain-free white loaf so you can have soldiers with your boiled egg on Easter Sunday. (Phew - Just in the nick of time!)
Chocolate truffles - These delicious after-dinner sweetmeats are a nutritious powerhouse, and can even fit into a ketogenic diet
Sea-food Skewers - A tasty starter: low carb and grain free.
Five Spice Squid with Roast Aubergine - Squid tubes make a great substitute for pasta, - a real boon for a grain-free or low-carb meal
Avocado eggs! - This dish is a revelation - eggs, cheese, avocados - what's not to like?
Moist Lemon and Cardamom Sponge - A succulent sponge, ideal for any special occasion and without a grain in sight!
Coconut sponge cake - Gluten free, even grain free, doesn't mean you can't bake a perfect sponge... try this one and see.
Low carb chips, made from swede Low-Carb Chips - Low carb chips can be made from low carb root vegetables. Our favourites, and the lowest carb variety, are made from turnip or swede (rutabaga*).
Anyone for Paleo Pud? (Berry nice thank you!) - Of all the fruits we eat, berries are the closest to their wild counterparts. Here's a great way to serve them.
Marrow Bones - Cheap, delicious and nutritious. Bone marrow was a key Palaeolithic food.
What’s Better Than Strawberries & Cream? - ✓Low-carb ✓Gluten-free ✓Nut free ✓Ketogenic ✘Lactose-free Answer: Cream and Strawberries of course! It’s simply a matter of where you put the emphasis. Long gone are
Keto Pancakes - One of our most popular recipes. Makes low-carb breakfasts a doddle.
3:1 Keto Lunches - If you are eating low-carb then these lunch suggestions are easy-peasy and can be modified any way that fits your diet preferences. However, if you need
Almond & Hazel Bread - ✓Low-carb ✓Gluten-free ✓Lactose-free (Using ghee) ✘Contains nuts This delicious grain-free, low carb bread was first served to me at Christmas by my son’s partner. She
Spiced Low Carb Fish Cakes - This is a very quick and flexible recipe for a posh breakfast, lunch, dinner or tea.
Curried Eggs - a posh low-carb lunch or tea when you have guests showing off how easy and appealing this way of eating can be.
Pork Shoulder with Garden Vegetables - This dish, like so many we eat here, is simplicity itself, yet the height of good eating. It shows why the English are famous for the (wrongly) maligned ‘meat and two veg’.
Kombucha Brew Success! - Our first attempt at making this fermented beverage went well.
Beautiful Biltong! - One of our foodie friends, Sally, just brought round her homemade biltong – that’s it above – and it was delicious! Her biltong is made from beef and her
Clarified Butter (Ghee) - I make my own clarified butter – which is called ghee in Asia – for a number of reasons: Firstly, some members of my family are allergic
Mutton, Traditional English Pot-Roast - ✓Low-carb ✓Gluten-free ✓Lactose-free (Using ghee – clarified butter) There is nothing more English than mutton. (Er, except the name – ‘Mutton’ is French. C’est la vie!) Mutton has
Moussaka -   ✓Low-carb ✓Gluten-free ✓Cow-dairy-free (Using sheep’s cheese and goat’s butter) This traditional moussaka recipe is a classic for low-carb-high-fat diets. We have it mainly in summer and autumn when
Chocolate Almond Torte - A low-carb, grain-free birthday cake fit for a king. Or your little princess for that matter.
Poached Wild Alaskan Salmon with Wild Mushrooms - Keta salmon cooked in a clever low-carb lemon sauce, which I often use with fish dishes, and a wild mushroom vegetable accompaniment.