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Each month we scour the newspapers, magazines and online journals to bring you a summary of the latest nutrition news, health views and recipes that you might otherwise have missed. Plenty of links allow you to catch up on the articles that interest you. Also, this is where we put random bits of stuff that appear on the TV and Radio.

Netflix, ‘The Paleo Way’ – review (1/13/2019) - A patient emailed me with an update on her progress (which is very good, you will be pleased to know) and mentioned a TV series
New-Year News and Reflections (1/2/2019) - This month’s News Round-Up takes a moment to reflect on the big nutrition stories of 2018 as well as looking ahead to 2019.
November 2018 News Round-Up (12/1/2018) - We are in Le Point! Women who go carnivore. Early humans & Neanderthals. Turkeys & vanilla; pastrami Jerky; Heinz goes Primal; UK getting fatter; Flu jab failure; 6 fries is all you need...
October 2018 News Round-Up (11/4/2018) - Helping you stick to your restricted diet whilst you heal: all the latest news, recipes, research and personal stories: Paleo, Gluten-free and Ketogenic diets
September 2018 News Round-Up (9/29/2018) - With summer's end it's time to hunt, gather & love. Tons of autumn goodies this month: Culture Wars -Killing for profit; Chocolate week - coming soon; Full-Fat News; Carnivore update; Top links
Veganism, extremism and domestic terrorism (9/23/2018) - Behind veganism is an ideological movement linked to extremism, violence and terrorism. We take a look behind the "Meat is Murder" narrative.
August 2018 News Round-Up (9/1/2018) - Cheese and Meat get the thumbs up in new studies; Batman shows coconut oil is not poison; High-fat diets benefit cancer treatment; Plus this month's funnies :P
JULY 2018 MEGA News Round-Up (8/2/2018) - Our bumper-fun summer edition is packed with nutrition and health news, from the diet of Otzi the Iceman to titanium dioxide being implicated in type 2 diabetes. What are you waiting for? Start your summer reading now!
June 2018 News Round-Up (7/2/2018) - Hot baths more effective than exercise for glucose control and circulation. Musical preferences of baby in the womb. Plus Paleo, Low-Carb, Gluten-Free and herbal news.
May 2018 News Round-Up (6/1/2018) - We have is a ton of interesting stuff this month - Paleo and Low Carb research - Eggs are heart healthy - High protein diet controversy - Ostrich eggs for breakfast? - Herbal news - Bison are back
April 2018 News Round-Up (4/30/2018) - Veggie 'sausage' ban; British peasant diet was healthy; Hard cheese Brexit; More good news for chocolate and coffee lovers; Warnings over green potatoes and dirty ducks...
Is the NHS a zombie no one is brave enough to kill? (4/8/2018) - The NHS stumbles on - chaotic and on the edge of financial ruin, carnage in its wake... What is this B movie monster we have created?... It's clearly in need of a silver bullet...
March 2018 News Round Up (3/31/2018) - EASTER SPECIAL: Play our Easter egg hunt whilst browsing all the latest nutrition news on Paleo, coffee, microbiome, sleep, seafoods, nuts and vitamin D.
They want to destroy Tim Noakes – don’t let ’em (3/11/2018) - Tim Noakes is facing a second professional misconduct hearing for holding the wrong views about diet. Petition plus explanatory post from Dr Malcolm Kendrick.
February 2018 News Round-Up (3/1/2018) - All the latest on: Paleo, Keto, Fish, Eggs and (of course) why there's no such thing as naturally orange cheese.
Listen again – Tim Noakes LCHF running on BBC Food Programme (2/26/2018) - In case you missed it, Tim Noakes, the controversial South African professor who promotes a low carb high fat diet for running, was the subject
Fake News #2 – Best diets for 2018 awards (2/24/2018) - The recent Best Diet Awards from the U.S. News & World Report, placed low carb diets bottom, claiming they had "No evidence" to support them... Oh really?
Crippling negligence claims show NHS not ‘the envy of the world’ (2/12/2018) - With spiralling negligence costs threatening to bankrupt the NHS, isn't it time we started challenging the very basis of the NHS? We include a thoughtful essay by blogger Jack Tagholm-Child.
Should folic acid be added to UK flour? The arguments for and against (2/10/2018) - Recent media stories call for fortification of UK flour with folic acid to prevent birth defects, but is mandated mass medication of the whole population a price worth paying?
Fake News #1 – Low carb diets linked to risk of birth defects (2/5/2018) - We take the papers to task for this highly misleading story which does not even apply to women in the UK.
January 2018 News Round-Up (2/3/2018) - Paleo for weight loss, eggs for mums to be. Breakthrough research seems to show the heart loves vitamin D. Broccoli-yogurt for cancer, it really is a thing. Sardine-bread sounds tasty but I can't make the last line rhyme. :(
December 2017 News Round-Up (12/30/2017) - Here are 10 New Year's Resolutions to help keep your diet on track in 2018. Plus a month of interesting articles from the mainstream and alternative media...
November 2017 News Round-Up (12/2/2017) - Juicy Diet News (Garlic, Mushrooms, Cheese, Broccoli, Oily fish...) & Chewy Medical News (Aluminium and autism, Screen-time and mental health, Baldness and heart disease, Big Sugar cancer cover up...)
October 2017 News Round-Up (11/1/2017) - With the clocks going back the media focused on the health effects of disrupted sleep. Plus the month's best nutrition news: bone broth; low carb; vegan; gluten-free; vitamin; organic...
September 2017 News Round-Up (9/30/2017) - A neat balancing act of wit and wisdom from this month's news outlets: alcohol and diet; good fats bad fats; low carb and zero carb; and Mayo Clinic scientists can't see what's in front of their face (s).
August 2017 News Round-Up (9/2/2017) - Low fat diet 'could kill you'; NHS no longer uses post-it notes to arrange life-saving heart transplants - Yes, it's silly season, but we find some gems among the dross.
Thinking of going vegan or avoiding red meat? Read this first… (8/19/2017) - Influential celebrity promotion is fuelling a rise in vegan diets, but can this ideologically driven movement really be healthy? Above: Keeping up with the Kardashians
JULY 2017 MEGA News Round-Up (8/1/2017) - Let food be thy medicine; Grow your own microbiome; Cod: back on the menu, then off again; Bog butter - it's a thing; Bring back the bear, wolf and lynx. or not; Plus a bit o' bitter news.
June 2017 News Round-Up (7/2/2017) - Mistrust of medical research; Diet and Bowel cancer; Infant growth; Sleep health; Sunscreen problems; Coffee and the liver; Fungi in the home
May News Round-Up (6/1/2017) - Cancer & sugar; Bone broth for skin; Tree nuts, not peanuts; Cinnamon for fat reduction; Pasta sales down; Cheese is good; More protein for elderly; Cauliflower recipes
Gluten-free diet MAY be unhealthy and MAY increase risk of heart attack (or not) (5/12/2017) - Fake news; alternative facts; plus a dose of healthy skepticism. We take a look behind the recent gluten headlines.
April News Round-up (5/1/2017) - Great British Beef Week; Ketogenic diet in diabetes; Low fat foods cause weight gain; Sat fat spat; The perfect cuppa; Health benefits of cheese
March News Round-Up (4/1/2017) - Happy Easter! Ten reasons chocolate is good for you. Getting your 10-a-day. Fish oils and vitamin D for kid's brain health.
February News Round-Up (3/1/2017) - Arsenic, asthma, bison, sleep, coeliac, mercury, chocolate, PPIs, BPA, mammoths - We join the dots - PLUS: Mummy Mouse and Baby Mouse special
2017 January News Round-Up (2/4/2017) - Had enough of experts? Judge their latest pontifications for yourself: chopping boards, statins, roast potatoes, high fat diets and metabolic syndrome, eggs and brain health.
December News Round-Up (1/1/2017) - HAPPY NEW YEAR! This month's nutrition news is shoe-horned into a Christmas theme, and it's just about bursting at the seams with festive good news!
Featured news site: NewsMedical.Net (12/7/2016) - A useful site packed with thousands of health articles, news and medical science. Here are 7 interesting stories I found.
November News Round-Up (12/3/2016) - Parkinson's may start in the gut. Your calf muscle may stop you losing weight (!) Plus coffee, aspartame, vitamin D, high-fat running and the importance of cooking.
October News Round-Up (10/31/2016) - Lots of interesting items that are in the news this month inc 8 on vitamin D!
Hold fire on the Sea Bass recipe! (Retraction and Apology) (10/15/2016) - Breaking news: Scientists say Wild Sea Bass stocks are dangerously low. DO NOT EAT SEA BASS - use one of these sustainable alternatives
September News Round-Up (10/1/2016) - Full fat cheese good for heart health, Pharmaceuticals in our water supply, Body clock and cancer, Meat and fish in pregnancy protect infant from eczema.
August News Round-Up (9/2/2016) - We serve up a plate of top nutrition news, and finish with a knickerbocker-glory of articles from our guest publication: New Scientist magazine.
July News Round-Up (8/3/2016) - Sleep and health: inflammation and ‘intestinal jet-lag’ The Mail (6th July) explains why ‘Too little and too much sleep is as damaging to your health’.
June news roundup (7/2/2016) - Toxins in food linked to autism; emulsifiers & artificial sweeteners in obesity; Coffee good for liver; Butter off the hook; Dr Mosley sees the light; Gluten psychosis; Dangers of vitamin pills
The Microbiome on BBC Radio 4 (7/2/2016) - Listen again to these two excellent radio broadcasts from BBC Food Programme on the micobiome. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
May News Round-Up (6/1/2016) - Nutrition controversies: high blood pressure linked to potatoes, salt exonerated, low-carb diets for diabetes challenged. Medical errors: a leading cause of death
April News Round-Up (5/2/2016) - Latest research on Vitamin D, fructose and paleo diet. Bone broth, pastured livestock and mis-shapen veggies. Fermented foods: good for gut diversity.
March News Round-Up (4/2/2016) - Health benefits of rosemary, blueberries, coffee and organic eggs. Vegetarian populations at increased cancer risk from vegetable oils. Calls to extend sugar tax. Fish recipes.
February News Round-Up (2/28/2016) - Government announces eggs are safe (phew!) even emu eggs (?) Plus the ketogenic diet in cancer, seafood in APOE4 Alzheimer's and vitamin D in prostate cancer.
January News Round-Up (1/30/2016) - A host of new year diet stories - low fat v high fat; saturated fat v sugar; factors affecting the microbiome; nightshade foods
December News Round-Up (1/2/2016) - Out with the old, in with the new. Quote of the year. A cheesy joke. Salt and the dietary recommendations golem.
November News Round-Up (11/30/2015) - Gluten-free diet helps healthy volunteers; Pastured meat for conservation; Ketogenic diet; Vitamin D; Meat and cancer 'false alarm'
October News Round-Up (11/2/2015) - Raw milk safe; Grass-fed beef best; Ethical seafood increases; Artificial light upsets genes; Mediterranean diet benefits; Cutting sugar improves health fast; Red meat & cancer
September News Round-Up (10/1/2015) - Knepp rewilding project in the news, and their beef is now available to order. Plus... Fish reduces depressions, apple skins prevent age related muscle loss (!?) and sugar wars hot up.
“Scientists claim Paleo diet is nonsense” is nonsense (9/19/2015) - Did our brains evolve on a high-carb diet of spuds? or are the newspapers turning our heads to mash? We respond to misleading headlines.
August News Round-Up (8/31/2015) - Gluten-free junk food on NHS; Jamie Oliver calls for sugar tax; Butter better than margarine; Fish oils for schizophrenia; Vit-D and MS
Goodwood Wins Cheese Award (8/13/2015) - Goodwood gain 'Best Organic Cheese' and a gold medal for their organic Charlton Farmhouse cheese.
July News Round-Up (7/30/2015) - Cod stocks recover. Iodine deficiency in pregnancy. Cauliflower rice. Sugar - the public health debate.
June news roundup (6/30/2015) - Trans-fat ban. Berries for obesity. Diet at conception alters genes for life. Antibiotics cause obesity. Paleo recipes. Zero carb.
VIDEO: Harvard Scientist Supports U-Turn on Dietary Fats (6/26/2015) - It looks like 40 years of advice to limit fat consumption to less than 30% of calories has been quietly retired! A Harvard scientist explains why it's a good move.
May News Round-Up (5/31/2015) - Vitamin D deficiency in sunny climes, Dark chocolate helps weight loss, Salt does not raise BP
April News Round-Up (4/29/2015) - Cheese keeps French hearts healthy; Eggs reduce diabetes risk; lack of sun in UK kids; Organic farming sequesters carbon
March News Round-Up (3/31/2015) - Herbal Medicine under threat; BBC make good on sugar documentary; Eat fat get thin.
Reducing sugary drinks improves kids’ livers in just ten days (3/11/2015) - New study showed rapid liver improvement when sugary drinks removed from children's diets. (INFOGRAPHIC)
February News Round-Up (3/8/2015) - Bone broth in New York fashion week; Why national fat guidelines were wrong; NICE recommends more sun exposure
NY Times: “Can Celiac Disease Affect the Brain?” (10/17/2014) - This is a great article looking at the links between gluten and brain disorders. Recommended!
Brain-Damaged UK Victims of Swine Flu Vaccine to Get £60 Million Compensation (3/3/2014) - Patients who suffered brain damage as a result of taking a swine flu vaccine are to receive multi-million-pound payouts from the UK government… The Pandemrix
Sugar on Trial on Trial (2/2/2014) - When it comes to nutrition it seems once again that TV's mantra is "Never let facts get in the way of a good story"
The Now Show – Sugar Lobby sketch (1/25/2014) - Radio 4's The Now Show, poke fun at Big-Sugar's lobbying of Government food policy... Brilliant! Give it a listen!
Afifah’s Radio 4 Rant Captures Public Imagination (1/19/2014) - I didn’t phone in to Any Answers to talk about cancer, but at the mention of that word I was phased out and cut off. I was going to
Desertification – Agriculture’s Inevitable Destination? (12/6/2013) - research from the University of Colorado shows how soil microbes have been decimated by agriculture.
New study vindicates Weston A Price (10/20/2013) - Scientists identify Price's 'Displacing Foods of Commerce' as ideal for inducing full-blown metabolic syndrome in rats.
Calorie Counting vs Meal Timing (8/31/2013) - Why a high protein breakfast might work better than calorie counting.
MRSA linked to anti-biotic use in farm animals (7/6/2013) - People who work with livestock on modern industrial farms have a much higher incidence of harbouring methicillin resistant staph aureus (MRSA)
Saturated Fat Exonerated (5/30/2013) - Latest scientific review admits 'we got it wrong'
Andrew Wakefield on The Welsh Measles Outbreak – in his own words. (4/28/2013) - Discredited villain speaks out. Don't listen to him.
Bang goes the BBC’s credibility: Sugar on trial? (4/4/2013) - How low can infotainment sink. Science took a back seat in this BBC 'documentary'
The book of the week on radio 4 (3/19/2013) - Listen Again on the BBC radio player to The World Until Yesterday by Jared Diamond.
In the press – full fat milk less fattening than skimmed (3/18/2013) - Skimmed milk 'doesn't stop toddlers getting fat': Children who drink whole milk actually gain fewer pounds - Daily Mail
Mouth Microbes – Diet and Dentists (2/21/2013) - Ed Yong reports on a series of experiments carried out in the last few years where scientists have studied the oral microbes preserved in plaque on the teeth of archaeological skulls.
Man the Hunter (11/15/2012) - About 2 million year's ago the human brain began an exponential growth in size, unparalleled in the animal kingdom. What propelled this remarkable development?
Listen to lard (11/4/2012) - Today's Food Programme on Radio 4 was all about lard! Includes interviews with Stephanie Seneff and Gary Taubes.